Hao Zhou

Research Associate Professor
Insititute for AI Industry Research, Tsinghua University
Email: zhouhao@air.tsinghua.edu.cn , haozhou0806@gmail.com

Hello! I am a research associate professor at Insititute for AI Industry Research, Tsinghua University. Currently, my research interest is developing machine learning models to better understand/generate discerte symbols including text, small molecules and proteins. Previously, I was a Research Scientist/Manager at Bytedance AI lab. Here is my CV.

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Research Highlight

Recently, we are dedicated to developing non-autoregressive (parallel) generation models for text generation, not only for its fast speed but also for its promising permutation invariant nature and the globally representation power. We believe that parallel generation model could be quite effective for structures without predefined order (e.g., protein and RNA). Here is our recent work you may be interested in:

Honors and Awards

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